Lovely Linen
Gift Boxed Tumbler Candle


Natural , Fresh & Relaxing

Home time, your time. Unwind with this fresh, clean fragrance. A comforting, perfectly balanced aroma of sweet Vanilla, gentle Musk, Sandalwood, White Lily and Violets.

“Behind the Sheets” by Breda Mary Foley
“And here it was, illicit tryst,
In summer’s sun, a patch of shade,
White linen sheets, wind kissed and fresh,
A secret hiding place they made.”

Brimming with delicious scented wax, our Tumbler glass is elegant and colourful. This candle will burn brightly, forming a deep scent pool which releases a steady fragrance in your living room, bathroom, or kitchen without being overpowering. High grade wax provides consistent, clean burning with excellent scent throw.

Made in Tullamore, Ireland.

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